3 thoughts on “Problem of the week – Week 1, Term 4

  1. Answer is 64. Mum and Dad both used their times-tables to get to the answer of 64 by counting the number of rows (8) and the number of columns (8), ie 8×8=64.

    Hamish (Yr 2) counted the number of squares in a column (8) and then counted in 8s across the columns to get to 64.

    Audrey (Prep) countered all squares by 2s and got 64.

  2. The answer is 64, I used multiplication,because I saw 8 columns and 8 rows and 8 times 8 is 64.
    submitted by Finn Darlington.

  3. Well done to Bridget Mihulka of 3/4 for working out the solution!

    I drew a chess board and circled all the squares. First the single squares then doubles and so on. I went over some times and my final answer is 204.
    Bridget Mihulka

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