Problem of the Week – Week 3, Term 4

This week the green team need some help to work out a solution to a problem they are having. The chickens are laying 3 eggs a day. The green team have 13 egg cartons. How long will it take to fill the egg cartons?

This picture shows what one egg carton looks like. You might use it to help you.egg carton


The green team will appreciate your problem solving, as it will help them know when they will need to get some more egg cartons!



4 thoughts on “Problem of the Week – Week 3, Term 4

    • Hi Roy, thanks for the quick response! Can you explain how you worked it out? Also will all of the egg cartons be completely filled? Do you think we will have any leftover eggs on the 52nd day?

  1. There are 12 eggs in a carton and the green team has 13 cartons so there is room for 156 eggs. I skip counted by 3 to get 156. I think the answer is 52 days so long as the chickens lay everyday and none are sold.

  2. Well done to Tia from Prep B who used the picture of the egg cartons to find how many groups of three there were in the 13 cartons, and figured out that they would last 52 days!

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