Station #2 – Seasons (deciduous trees)

Topic Focus: Measurement and Geometry

Victorian Curriculum Standards /Content Descriptors / Elaborations:

Name and order months and seasons (VCMMG118)

Use a calendar to identify the date and determine the number of days in each month (VCMMG119)

Describe duration using months, weeks, days and hours (VCMMG097)

Tell time to the minute and investigate the relationship between units of time (VCMMG141)

Convert between units of time (VCMMG167)

Use am and pm notation and solve simple time problems(VCMMG168)


show: definitions & notes only words

  1. cloudy
  2. dry
  3. atmosphere
  4. temperate
  5. cold
  6. warm
  7. autumn
  8. rainy
  9. spring
  10. winter
  11. summer
  12. hot
  13. time
  14. month
  15. day
  16. week

Goal: I can recognise seasons and explain why they change over time.

Activity/ Task:

  1. Looking at the trees in and around this area, can you describe their features? How might these features relate to the seasons? What season do you think it is? What might the trees look like in a different season?
  2. Seasons last for three months. How many seasons are there in a year? How many days would each season span for?
  3. If we wanted to find out how many minutes there were in each season, how might we find out?