Problem of the Week

Each week a new problem will be posted on the homepage. This is a problem for you and your family to try and solve, using all of your combined mathematical knowledge, skills and strategies. You might want to look at the “Mathematician’s Strategy Toolbox” page, to remind you of strategies that you can use to help you work out a solution.

There may be lots of different solutions that you could find – challenge yourself to find the most creative or interesting solution, or to see if you can come up with a rule to find all possible solutions! When you have solved the problem, you can share your findings by leaving a comment, or by submitting your findings on paper to the office. Your solution should include an explanation or show how you solved the problems. This may include:

  • What strategies you used and why they were effective.
  • The correct mathematical vocabulary to explain the maths that you used.
  • Diagrams, pictures, charts or tables that helped you find and demonstrate your solution.
  • Connections that you made to other mathematical ideas or similar problems that were useful in solving this problem.
  • Generalisations or rules that you think might apply to the maths in the problem.

And, of course, your solution to the problem – using numbers and words!

Later in the term we will be celebrating some of the students and their families who have shared their solutions, been creative and challenged themselves, and explained their reasoning clearly and mathematically!

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